Beginners Pattern Cutting in a Day

Pattern Cutting can be quite daunting.  In our One day workshop we will teach you the principles of pattern alteration/ pattern cutting. This will enable you to alter patterns to fit your own body measurements and give you the grounding to begin your pattern cutting journey.


You will be starting with a block pattern  and altering it to fit your body measure. We will then move onto changing style lines and silhouette. Please note there is no sewing in this workshop just paper, scotch tape  and a lot of measuring!


You will learn :

  • What equipment you will need.
  • How to take your measurements
  • What the information/ symbols mean on a pattern and what the difference are between a block and a commercial pattern
  • How to shorten or lengthen a bodice
  • How to shorten or lengthen a shoulder
  • How to move a dart
  • How to increase/decrease your bust measurement
  • How to increase/decrease your waist measurement
  • How to add flare to a garment
  • How to add style lines
  • How to add seam allowance and draw necessary symbols                                                                                                                   BEGINNER. 6 hours. All materials supplied. Latest workshop schedule.