Babylock Enlighten

  • £1,349.00

If you haven't seen a Babylock overlocker in action then you really should...

It basically threads itself using a unique NEW jet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. More, the fascinating wave stitch is one of the enlighten's special features. A simple three-thread overlock stitch is suddenly turned into a real eye-catcher as if by magic. No other overlocker on the market produces this kind of stitch. No more laboriously following threading points.

Other features include:

  • Unique loopers. The baby lock enlighten features a unique, compact tubular looper system that guarantees fuss-free, quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your babylock enlighten fit for more difficult tasks.

  • New Jet Air System. The ingenious jet-air threading system makes threading your enlighten child's play. From now on, you are the one who defines the threading order. You no longer need to follow any coloured threading points or start again from the beginning because of a threading error. Forget about loose threads that may cause tangles and confusion. Simply choose the desired looper thread, insert it into the threading port, push the button and the yarn will be threaded up to the tip of the enlighten's looper as if by magic. In fact, all loopers will. The jet-air system of your babylock enlighten is simply ingenious!
  • No Thread Tension Worries. Thanks to the automatic thread delivery system of your babylock enlighten. Simply choose a stitch, set the thread delivery system correspondingly and start sewing. No more tiresome tension adjustment every time you use another fabric, stitch or thread thickness. Simply set the automatic thread delivery system to the desired stitch. Your baby lock enlighten will produce exact stitches. There are three sensors: stitch width sensor, stitch length sensor and fabric thickness sensor that help you produce perfectly balanced stitches – with no ifs and buts!

  • Easy Stich Adjustment. Your baby lock enlighten lets you adjust the stitch width quickly and easily. You can deactivate the cutter quickly and easily with a switch if you want to sew closed or tube-like pieces of clothing. The same switch reactivates the cutter whenever you need it. The cutter does not is not fully retracted and you can use it as a guide.


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