Mini Applique - Stage four

  • £25.00


Once your child has learnt how to use a sewing machine and can sew with accuracy the next stages can be to learn how to decorate and manipulate fabric.

 Applique is the technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric to form a picture or pattern. Children will learn how to change the stitch width and length on their machines to get different stitches. They will then learn how to attach two fabric together using Bonda-web . Once their fabric is glued on they will use some of the stitches they have learnt to decorate and secure the fabric to create a picture.

Workshop length 2.5hrs   All material included

Please note:
Due to the nature of the workshops and the limited availability of places if you wish to cancel a workshop you must cancel the workshop within seven (7) days of booking your place and at least seven (7) days in advance of the Workshop. We will either refund or transfer you on to the next available Workshop.

If fewer than 2 people book on this workshop it may be cancelled. If this happens you will be offered a full refund or a place on the next available workshop. 

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