Due to the current lockdown I am sorry to say that workshops and 1-1s are not currently available.


Lessons procedures during Covid-19

All my lessons are taught at my studio in my home so it is crucial for my families safety and yours that we all adhere to the following procedures:

Precautions I will take:

  • Due to the way I teach it will not always be possible for me to stay a metre away from you therefore I will wear a face shield (not mask). I will also sit at your side not in front of you.
  • Workshops will only be possible if taught in bubbles.This is due to the studio not being big enough to keep people 1-2 metres apart at all times.
  • If you are using one of my machines they will be cleaned before after use.
  • All tables /chairs and equipment will be cleaned after each lesson.
  • I will wash my hands regularly.
  • I will contact you if myself or any of my family have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • If you are bringing your own machine please do not be offended if I ask you to wipe your machine before use.

What I require from you:

  • Wash your hands or use sanitizer before entering the studio.
  • Wear a mask or face shield.
  • All lessons must be booked in advance. If you feel unwell or have any symptoms of covid-19 you must let me know prior to the lesson so we can rearrange your lesson. If you do not attend your lesson without notifying me I will not be able to rearrange your lesson.
  • You are welcome to bring your own sewing box (e.g. scissors, quick unpick, pins etc.). I will also have equipment available to use which will be deep cleaned before and only used by you during the lesson.
  • If you become unwell after your lesson, you must let me know.